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Dr Sudipto Pakrasi

Dr Sudipto Pakrasi

In line with the commitment of the hospital towards the pursuit of excellence in every sphere of patient care, it is our endeavour to bring to you the best care for your eyes.


Ophthalmology Division at Medanta is designed to provide a comprehensive range of medical and surgical eye care for the protection, preservation, enhancement and restoration of vision, for any age group.

Our Division uses a multidisciplinary approach when caring for the eye problems of our patients. We offer a full range of ophthalmic services including expertise in cataracts, laser refractive surgery, cornea and external disease, eye infections, paediatrics, glaucoma, vitreo-retinal disease, neuro-ophthalmology, squint, oculo-plastics, ocular tumors, contact lenses, and comprehensive medical & surgical ophthalmology. Our faculty are recognized both nationally and internationally for their dedication to patient care.

The division is equipped with all the latest diagnostic & therapeutic tools, including cutting edge technology like the new Cataract Suite, which is specially designed to optimize and maximize the procedures of cataract surgery. This is the first installation in Asia & one of the first few in the world. The division is pioneered to individually map every eye, accurately predict surgical outcome, precisely align new lenses, cut down on the length of surgery and cause minimal trauma. The new Medanta's Image Guided System is designed to:

  • Systematically account for key sources of refractive error
  • Seamlessly integrate an optimized surgical plan into the OR through leading technologies
  • Utilize image guidance to improve accuracy of lens alignment and incision locations These innovations leave less room for errors and help providing our patients meet their ophthalmic requirement with the most advanced technology available.

In keeping with Medanta's philosophy, every individual's needs are given prime attention in the Ophthalmology Division too, and patients are treated with only their complete recovery and well-being in mind. As a response to the social needs of the community across all sections of society, the Medanta Division of Ophthalmology conducts Eye & Healthcare Camps in various areas in Delhi NCR.

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