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Quality of Life Programs for Individuals and Groups

Director - Division of Mental Health and Quality of Life

Our life depends on our mind. At Medanta Division of Mental Health and Quality of Life we offer the most modern, sensitive, end-to-end services for the care of the mind. We try to understand you as a person, we help you make sense of your problems and change the circumstances you live in.

    Quality of life programs offer training in skills to decrease stress and its negative impact. These programs are based on cognitive behavior therapy. We also provide customized quality of life workshops for corporates, organizations, groups and schools.

    SOBRIETY - Relapse Prevention and Recovery Program
    An intensive day-care service to help quit alcohol for a healthier, more fulfilling life

    Through our scientifically proven programme, we offer intensive interventions for enhanced control and prevention of relapses.

    Art of Parenting
    We help create a proactive parenting process, which focuses on the abilities of the child more rather than firefighting and troubleshooting methods to control child behavior. Parents presently facing difficulties are also offered individual training sessions.

    Calm Down
    An anger management program which helps identify patterns of situations and thoughts that make one angry. The program helps with skill development to manage anger effectively.

    I, QUIT
    A smoking cessation program based on cognitive behavior therapy that helps increase controls and prevents relapses

    YES (Young, Equal, Successful)
    A school mental health program through which we reach out to children and adolescents and help them overcome difficulties of adjustments, conduct, scholastic achievements and over-activity. We also help schools develop mental health friendly and inclusive environments.

    A personal relationship enhancement program that allows people to learn skills of discovering the assumptions that they make in a relationship and learn communication methods that help them strengthen relationships. While this is a group based program, the structure of the program ensures privacy and confidentiality.

    Reflect & Rethink
    A stress management program which helps challenge & control negative thoughts.

    Success Factor
    A program dedicated to increase self belief to achieve success.

    Hope Solutions
    A program that helps structure time utilization, to find more meaning & purpose in life.

    Sobriety 101
    This is a psycho-educational program on the use of alcohol. It allows people to check their consumption, understand its impact and control intake.

    Hope Campaign for Organizations
    These are programs organized to support the more vulnerable groups of people. The advantage to the organization is that it helps young team members build their identities beyond their work profiles. It could also be seen as a way of enhancing team spirit and consolidating a value based culture.

    Hope Alive
    A confidential helpline and counseling unit for employees and their families.

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