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Dr SKS Marya
Dr SKS Marya
Medanta Bone & Joint Institute
Medanta has proven that it has the best quality treatment and specialists. And this is the quality which has been developed in the Bone and Joint Institute. We tell the patient from the time he walks in to have the confidence and the belief, not only in the doctor and in the hospital, but in himself or herself that they are at the right place and they will get well eventually. I have no scientific explanation but I have encountered enough instances and evidences in my last 40 years in this profession to learn that positivity of mind has a very positive result on the output of any medical or surgical intervention. It's strange that when a patient has decided to get well, nothing can stop him from getting well even in very difficult circumstances, in my experience. Challenges that we often face is when a patient is not sure, either of his problem or has basically become confused after visiting multiple places for the same problem, and quite recently have been to Internet to try and read about his problem without realising that it's not this straightforward. What one really needs is a broad experience of a person who has been doing practically nothing, but the same thing again and again.

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