The First Heart Transplant In Madhya Pradesh-The Rhythm Of Life At Medanta Indore

Mr. S A, a 47 year old gentleman a resident of Mhow near Indore suffered from Dilated cardiomyopathy and End Stage Heart Failure with breathing difficulties requiring repeated hospitalisation for stabilisation. He was registered with the Medanta Indore Heart Failure Program, and through the same with the NOTTO(National Organ & Tissue Transplant Organisation-a government of India initiative to register donor hospitals and transplant centres across India).


Due to the altruistic donation by the family of Mrs. Veena Pariyani whose heart donation gave him a new lease of life, today his heart has rhythm and vigour. Her heart was harvested in the Choithram Hospital and transported to Medanta-Indore through an efficient green corridor created by the city administration-resulting in the first ever successful heart transplant in Madhya Pradesh.


As soon as NOTTO informed the Medanta Indore team the transplant protocols kicked into action and and Mr. S A was rolled into the hospital where he was worked up and anti-rejection measures initiated. Simultaneously, the transplant team led by Dr. Sandeep Shrivastava from Indore coordinated with the surgical team form Medanta Gurgaon led by Dr. Anil Bhan who were flown to Indore to perform Central India’s first successful Heart Transplant at Medanta Hospital, Indore M.P.


The heart was successfully transplanted to the recipient within 2 hours of harvesting of the organ. Mr. S A was shifted to the transplant ICU and recovered well under the watchful eyes of the team Medanta and successfully discharged on 2nd April, 2017.


Medanta Hospital Indore is now destined to become Central India’s leading Transplantation Centre with existing facilities for heart transportation and upcoming facilities for Kidney, Liver and Bone Marrow transplantations.