TRUS/MRI FUSION Prostate Biopsy

What is TRUS/MRI FUSION Prostate Biopsy?

Prostate biopsy is a procedure done to detect prostate cancer. TRUS/MRI fusion prostate biopsy helps in detecting the targeted location in the prostate while ultrasound helps in...

How does it help?

Under the fusion therapy, there are many medical benefits including measurement of the volume of the tumour, identification of the exact location, the strength of the tumour, an...

How is it done?

What are the benefit and risks of this procedure?

The advantages of this procedure are:

  • Provides accurate information of the location and extent of the disease.
  • Gives advanced diagnostic information.
  • 3D reporting.
  • Better visualisation.

There are no serious risks attached to this procedure. However, a patient may experience blood in the urine, sperm, and faeces, for the next few days after the procedure. Rare risks include internal haemorrhage, urine retention, or an allergic reaction.

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