Getting Admitted

  • What types of in-patient rooms are available?

    We have the following categories of wards and rooms available:

    • Multi-bed rooms
    • Twin sharing
    • Single room
    • Single deluxe
    • Super deluxe
    • Suite

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  • Does the hospital have accommodations for the patient’s family and friends?

    Room and accommodation facilities can be found via the Patient Support Services Desk on the UG floor of the hospital. Facilities for housing patient’s families are currently under development and will be available soon.

  • What is the admission process?

    Once the patient is screened in OPD by the consultant and admission is advised, a Request for Admission (RFA) is generated by the doctor/co-ordinator, wherein necessary details of the patient are entered.

    The patient is directed to the Admission Desk on UG Floor, where the Patient Care Executive coordinates the financial counselling, arranges a bed and completes the admission formalities.

    In case of patients with insurance, the TPA Insurance Form is filled and completed by the doctor’s coordinator and handed over at the Admission Desk, which further contacts the respective insurance company to ensure if cashless admission can be processes as per the respective insurance policy.

  • What documents do I need to carry for admission?

    Following is the list of documents that must be carried for admission:

    • Request for Admission Form duly filled in and signed by the Medanta doctor
    • Patient’s ID proof and an address proof is mandatory (Voter’s Card/Ration Card/Driving Licence/Passport/Adhaar Card)
    • Record of treatment prior to this hospitalisation
    • Doctor’s prescription/discharge summary of previous admission, if any
    • Investigation reports related to relevant treatment
    • Treatment record related to current hospitalisation
    • OPD prescription
    • Investigation reports related to relevant treatment
    • For claims above INR 1 Lakh, ID proof and address proof of the policy holder or the main member in the policy, along with a copy of PAN Card/ Adhaar Card and 1 passport size photograph of the patient
    • For Corporate patients, Employee Card and an ID proof

    Pre-authorization form, along with the above mentioned papers should be submitted at the Admission/ Insurance Desk within 24 hours of admission.

  • How long does the admission process take?

    The admission process takes approximately 20-25 minutes, once the bed is available.

    Our team tries its best to admit the patient as early as possible. In case the desired bed is not available, the patient is offered the next best available room/ bed.

  • What facilities are available for attendants?

    One attendant is allowed to stay with the patient at all times, while the patient is in the room. Once the patient is shifted to OT/ ICU, the room needs to be vacated and one ICU night lounge pass is issued to the attendant.

    Facilities available for attendants include

    1. Sofa bed in all rooms (twin, single room, single deluxe, super deluxe and suite)
    2. Meals service (at extra charge)
    3. Valet car parking
    4. Round-the-clock food court located on UG floor or the cafeteria (7:00am to 9:30pm) located on LG floor
    5. Cloakroom in the 3rd basement for heavy luggage
    6. Support services such as Wi-fi, internet, travel bookings
    7. Yoga and meditation classes
    8. Healthy food: Cooking classes
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