An ICU at 30,000 feet

Medanta’s Flying Doctors: Transporting the sickest patients from no matter how far
Air Ambulance Helpline

Why is there a need for Flying Doctors

At Medanta we believe that all patients should have access to world-class care no matter where they live.  To achieve this goal we have created Flying Doctors India, a dedicated team of specially trained doctors, nurses, pilots and support staff, to help evacuate pa...

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What we have to offer

Medanta Flying Doctors are fully equipped with state-of-the-art advanced cardiac life support systems. Our experienced doctors and nurses are specially trained in trauma and medical evacuations and are ready to fly on a moment’s notice.

With its diverse fleet of aircraft, Medanta’s Air Ambulance is capable of both domestic and international medical evacuations. It then comes as no surprise that we have done more than 1,600 evacuations with over 150 international evacuations.

Based on an assessment of the patient’s condition a specialised team of doctors and nurses are dispatched. For each patient, a team of specialists appropriate for the patient (e.g., cardiologists for patients suffering from acute cardiac emergencies) along with critical care and anaesthesia doctors are available to provide speciality based care even before the patient reaches the hospital.

  • Perfusionist to handle IABP support
  • Medanta’s critical care specialist
  • Specialised doctor in-charge
  • Medanta’s emergency trauma physician
  • Anaesthesiologists

From Neonatal Ventilators to Intra-Aortic Balloon Pumps, all of our life-saving equipment are of high quality and calibrated to the very best in the world. Each of this equipment is specifically customised to be used onboard at high altitudes.

The onboard medical team is always in touch with the base medical team on the ground through highly reliable communication equipment. This helps the ground team to be prepared to receive the patient and begin treatment immediately.

How we transfer patients from Bed to Bed


One call to get moving

All calls to our air ambulance service number are picked by 24x7 on call doctors experienced in critical care. The doctor on call assesses the patient condition after evaluating case history, medical reports and clinical records.


Preparing for evacuation

Based on the assessment of the doctor the appropriate medical team, equipment and aircraft is dispatched to pick up the patient from any location, including remote areas with unmanned runways.


Take off

At the Airport we have the lowest activation time (time from receiving a call to take off) of 90 minutes. We also get priority for take off and landing, including a green corridor during an emergency.



During flight, we are well-equipped and capable of providing advanced critical care support and can also conduct emergency procedures. There is complete ownership of the treatment provided to the patient by the Medanta Flying Doctors team.


Airport to hospital

Medanta runs the medical center at Delhi airport and can instantly evacuate the patient directly from aircraft door to Medanta hospital in a seamless and efficient manner.

Speak to our evacuation team +91 9560398953

What aircrafts do we use?

Medanta's Flying Doctors use world-class aircrafts that are specifically designed for medical use. Together with a team of highly qualified technicians and experienced pilots the team enables quick and timely medical evacuations in a manner that is extremely safe and comfortable for the patients.

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Who to contact

For all queries and bookings

Dr. Sunil Dubey

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Emergency and Trauma care at Medanta-The Medicity

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Base-station Helpline +91 9560398953

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