Critical Care Units

What's special about our Critical Care Units

The team of Critical Care unit at Medanta constitutes a devoted team of anaesthesiology and surgical intensivists, critical care nurse practitioners, and respiratory therapists. All our Intensive Care Units, High Dependency Units and Post-Operative Recovery rooms are well-equipped and closely supervised with stringent infection control and isolation protocols.

We have skilled doctors working with high end technologies

Combined expertise of anaesthesiologists, surgical intensivists and respiratory therapists to provide care to the patients with complex problems.
Equipped to handle all kinds of medical eventualities, including multiple organ failure and severe trauma injuries.
Our highly trained anaesthesiologists provide safe, consistent and continuous pre-operative care to sick patients undergoing complex cardiac, neuro, ortho, transplant, trauma, cosmetic and minimally invasive surgeries in our 39 state-of-the-art operation theatres.
Our 1:1 patient-to-nurse ratio for our 300 critical care beds reduces the chances of cross infection.

Strict protocols to deliver consistent & quality care

We have a streamlined admission process that is automated from the starting point in the OPD or emergency. Each patient is explained the plan of care or procedure to be performed, the expected length of stay and estimated bills before admission, the insurance process is initiated and rooms are allocated according to the choice of room and category of the patient. Discharge readiness is continually assessed during admission and whenever the patient is deemed to be getting fit to go home, the discharge protocols are activated in advance so that the patient does not have to wait long for the discharge formalities. The hospital provides for discharge lounges for patients who need to wait while their family prepares to take them home. Continuity of care is ensured at the time of discharge by providing clear discharge instructions as well as follow-up instructions and appointments. Home care services and transportation services are also available if required by the patients. All patients coming to the emergency are assessed immediately to determine the need for emergent / urgent care and looked after appropriately.
We practice evidence based care and to standardize care protocols according to the latest available evidence, clinical pathways and clinical practice guidelines are used. The pathways are updated as and when required, staff are trained in its use and compliance to the pathways is monitored. The impact of the care provided is measured through clinical outcomes by each clinical speciality and for each individual physician. These outcomes are benchmarked to the clinical outcomes published in international literature.
Following the principle of “Let food be thy medicine”, each patient in Medanta is assessed by a dietician and diet planning and education is done accordingly. All dietary assessments and diet plans in the hospital are done electronically to ensure timely and correct food delivery. Food-drug interactions are especially kept in mind and diet modifications planned accordingly.
The organization has the latest technology the world has to offer and continually acquires new equipment that aids in better patient care. Acquisition of equipment is from evaluated vendors to ensure the best quality equipment. Every equipment in the hospital has an inventory number and is tracked for preventive maintenance and calibration for safe use. Breakdowns are swiftly addressed and backups are available for all critical equipment. Training on equipment use is provided to all staff at the time of joining and as refreshers.

Specially planned infrastructure to support critical patients !!!!

Each ICU bed is fully motorized with bed sore preventing air mattresses and has a window with a view to reduce ICU disorientation and vertical power columns for easy physician and nurse access.
All our OT’s are equipped with advance haemodynamic, ICP, IAP monitors, advance ventilators for invasive and non-invasive artificial respiration, crash cart with defibrillators, and round-the-clock bedside ultrasonography (FAST), transthoracic echo, transesophageal echo (TEE), and Doppler examiners.
We have dedicated ICUs for different specialities like Neuro, Gastro, Cardiac Trauma and Transplants. Our Trauma ICU is attached with Trauma OT so that precious time could be saved.
Every operation theatre has a window with a view to reduce ICU disorientation.

Type of Critical Care Units at Medanta

Intensive Care Units

ICCU’s team include cardiologists, neurologists, gastroenterologists, internal medicine physicians, nurses and technicians specifically trained in intensive cardiac care to centralise the treatment of patients recovering from critical ailments. The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and has a capacity of 300 ICU beds. The beds are fully motorised with anti-bed sore technology.  It is also equipped with advance technologies like advance haemodynamic, ICP, IAP monitors, advanced ventilators for invasive and non-invasive artificial respiration, crash cart with defibrillators, and round-the-clock bedside ultrasonography (FAST), transthoracic echo, and trans-esophageal echo (TEE).

High Dependency Unit

Patients who need high-level monitoring and management of their condition, including single organ failure that is expected to improve with a short stay in a High Dependency Unit. HDU is functionally a step-down ICU to care for patients until bodily functions are stabilised. The care provided to the patients is at an intermediate clinical level with expert medical and nursing care and monitoring facilities. All the facilities of a full state ICU are at the ready to deal with any contingent complication for a patient in HDU. The HDU is specifically staffed and equipped with four bed units and a nurse assigned to each unit for monitoring the patient.

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