4th International Liver Symposium: Debates in Liver Diseases and Transplantation

From 06 Apr 2018 : Till 08 Apr 2018
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Medanta Institute of Liver Transplantation and Regenerative Medicine
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Email: 4thils2018@gmail.com
Authors/ Speakers Dr. A S SoinDr. Randhir Sud
Dr. Neelam Mohan Dr. Patrizia Burra Dr. Anil Dhawan Dr. David Grant Dr. Nigel Heaton
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Sponsors Medanta Institute of Liver Transplantation and Regenerative Medicine

The idea of initiating the 1st International Liver Symposium (ILS) was four-fold. Liver medicine and surgery have seen a phenomenal growth in India in the last decade, with at least 10 Centers performing more than 50 liver transplants a year and several others at various stages to establishing themselves. Secondly, there was an urgent need for regular fora to pool and exchange ideas nationally and internationally, so that our patients accrue benefits of global best practice protocols faster. Third, the value of multidisciplinary team management in patients with liver disease is undisputed. Finally, the importance of involving the next generation in such fora; the postgraduates and those doing their DM, DNB, MCh.

After the success of, and enthusiastic participation of delegates, faculty and post graduates in the 1st ILS, ILS continues to be a biannual feature. The 2nd ILS was held in 2013 with the theme of “Controversies in Liver Disease and Transplantation“, followed by the 3rd ILS in 2016 with the theme “Current standard of care and beyond“. The worlds leading experts and key opinion leaders have been a part of the ILS over the years, to discuss and debate the key management dilemmas facing us in everyday practice of adult and pediatric Hepatology, Liver Surgery and Transplantation, and Transplant anaesthesia, and to elaborate current therapeutic guidelines (and beyond) in important areas.


The theme for the 4th ILS 2018 would be “Debates in Liver Diseases and Transplantation“.

The meeting aims to enable informed management choices by enhancing the understanding of alternative approaches to clinical problems in Hepatitis, NAFLD, ACLF, Alcoholic Liver Disease, HCC, Hepatic Surgery, Anesthesia and Critical Care in Adults and Children, as key opinion leaders present ‘both sides of the coin’.