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Slideshow Image 1 Our Institute is dedicated to the "patient first" with a team of specialists working together, along with the best technology available today to optimize patient outcome.
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  • ENMG (include single fibre EMG)
  • Intraoperative Evoked Potentials
  • Autonomic & Sleep labs
  • Transcranial Doppler


Is an advanced operating theatre with capability of intra-operative MR imaging and MR guided surgery. Surgeon can perform a high resolution MRI during the surgery to assess the degree of tumor removal as well as to avoid normal brain tissues. The safety of the surgeries performed is helped by special techniques to visualize tumor during the surgery (tumor luminescence).

  • Image guidance help in performing precise surgery and prevents damage to normal brain tissues helping in preservation of normal brain functions
  • Intra-operative MRI helps in performing immediate assessment of degree of tumor removal. This ensures that adequate tumor removal is performed.
  • MRI guidance helps in immediate detection of complications.


    Latest flat panel Biplane DSA (digital subtraction laboratory) provides ultrahigh resolution (2048 matrix) of cranial and spinal blood vessels. This unit is one of the most advanced units installed in this part of the world. The features include.

  • Biplane technology: having two C arms help in visualization in two planes simultaneously. Flat-panel technology- using digital technology helps in achieving high-resolution images with markedly decreased radiation exposure.
  • 3D technology: 3d imaging of blood vessel helps in precise assessment of the vascular anatomy and pathology,
  • Advanced DynaCT: the angiographic suite has a built in CT scan like facility for early detection of any complication


    This is a top-end highly versatile Linear accelerator designed for use in critical areas, such the brain and spine. The high accuracy, combined with a robotic couch capable of finely calibrated movements, make this a highly effective tool for Radiosurgery of the Brain, spine and other organs apart from use for fractionated treatments.


    Latest generation of Navigational equipment with integrated minimal access capabilities allows surgery to be performed in real time with navigational support. In addition it comes with array of instrumentation to perform minimally invasive procedures.


    Endoscopic neurosurgery is done with state-of-art operation theatre for endoscopic brain and spinal surgery

  • Endoscopic systems dedicated for advanced brain and spine surgery
  • Intraoperative imaging capabilities with MRI & O-arm
  • Intraoperative Navigation capabilities
  • High definition monitors
  • Intra-operative neurophysiological monitoring
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