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Medanta Heart Institute
Division of Cardiology
Team of Doctors

Dr. Naresh Trehan
Medanta Heart Institute

Slideshow Image 1 At Medanta Heart Institute, we have a dedicated team of doctors along with state of the art infrastructure, cutting edge technology...
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Dr. R.R. Kasliwal
Division of Clinical & Preventive Cardiology

Slideshow Image 2 Division of Cardiology at Medanta Heart Institute is determine to provide compassionate, state of the art, proficient care to people suffering from heart ailment.....
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Dr. Balbir Singh
Division of Electrophysiology

Slideshow Image 3Heart rhythm disorders could lead to problems ranging from simple palpitations to sudden death but now with proper understanding a treatment is available for these patients at each step
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Dr Praveen Chandra
Division of Interventional Cardiology

Slideshow Image 4Interventional Cardiology has revolutionized the treatment of cardiovascular diseases starting from heart and now expended to Vascular treatment....
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Dr. Sanjay Mittal
Clinical Cardiology & Research

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Dr. V.K Chopra
Heart failure programme

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Dr. Rajneesh Kapoor
Division of Clinical Cardiology

  • Dr. Naresh Trehan
  • Dr. R.R. Kasliwal
  • Dr. Sanjay Mittal
  • Dr. Rajneesh Kapoor
  • Dr. Balbir Singh
  • Dr. V. K. Chopra
  • Dr. Madhukar Shahi
  • Dr. Praveen Chandra
  • Dr. Jitender Fotedar
  • Dr. Manish Bansal
  • Dr. Vinayak Aggarwal
  • Dr. Hari Raj Tomar
  • Dr. Kartikeya Bhargava
  • Dr. Nagendra S Chouhan
  • Dr. Shailendra Trivedi
  • Dr. Vinod Somani
  • Dr. C.S Agarwal
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