Why you need a health check-up

Medanta understands that your time is at a premium, so we have combined world-class medical services to bring you the most comprehensive, streamlined Executive Health Check-up available.

How our packages are tailored to meet your needs

Medanta's various Executive Health Programs are designed to provide you with the best medical knowledge, expertise and facilities. The Executive Health Program offers a variety of check-ups, each with its own specialty, blending Medanta's diagnostic expertise with the latest in preventive medicine

What type of check up are you looking for?

Basic Health Check

The Medanta Basic Health Check is our primary health screening package that provides renowned medical expertise, examinations, testing and results with a variety of diagnostic tests including basic blood, heart, kidney and liver tests as well as general health monitoring.


Diabetes Basic Package

The Medanta Diabetes Basic package provides blood sugar screenings and diagnostic tests that include basic blood tests that monitor your heart, liver, hormone and general health. Adopting a multi-disciplinary approach, we study your diabetic health, provide consultations with endocrinologists, podiatrists and a Diabetes educators. They work together to chart your sugar levels and provide you with personalised dietary and exercise instructions.


Post PTCA/ CABG/ Valve Follow-Up

At Medanta, we always look to help and simplify the journey back to good health for all our heart patients. In the Medanta Post PTCA/ CABG/ Valve Follow-up package, we have combined all heart screening follow-up tests together with the expertise of our cardiologists to help you monitor your heart’s health.


Healthy Heart

This package includes basic health screening and diagnostic tests, combined with consultations with cardiologists from Medanta’s Centre of Excellence for Heart Disease. Through this package we conduct comprehensive assessments of an individual’s risk of developing cardiac complications and chart out a personalized diet and lifestyle modification plan to ensure that your heart is always healthy.


Hypertension Check

The Medanta Hypertension Checkup constitutes a team of expert cardiologists that work together to offer a multi-disciplinary wellness solution to detect, control and manage blood pressure by providing a host of diagnostic services that include ambulatory blood pressure monitoring and non-invasive hemodynamic assessments.


Diabetes Advanced Package

Medanta Diabetes Advanced Package is an extension of Diabetes Basic Package. Patients with kidney or cardiovascular conditions may require the advanced package with additional tests that would ensure comprehensive health assessment. The additional tests conducted help the doctor understand your condition better and chart your sugar levels to provide you with personalised diet and lifestyle modification plan.


Executive Whole Body check (Men/ Women)

The Medanta Executive Whole Body Check is a tailor-made package designed to meet the requirements of both men and women with range of tests and diagnostics. The package includes basic blood tests that provide close attention to your heart, kidney, liver, cancer screening and bone health in addition to consultation with our experts.


Years to Life (Men/ Women)

This package includes the entire range of all the check-ups and consultations provided in the Medanta Executive Whole Body Check along with Medanta’s state-of-art tests such as Coronary CT Angiogram, a non-invasive functional test to diagnose coronary artery disease and Calcium Scoring, a special X-ray test to keep check on the build-up of plaque on the walls of arteries of heart.


What differentiate our Health Check program

At Medanta we have transformed the traditional “Executive Physical-Exam” from a mere data gathering exercise into a fully integrated, head-to toe evaluation by some of the top medical experts in the world.

The highly qualified team helps coordinate treatment plans, based on the tests, in the event of adverse results or multiple health concerns. The doctors will be able to guide patients in selecting the most appropriate check-up plan based on their gender, age, lifestyle and previous medical history

Our Check up Guidelines

To make most of your check up here are few guidelines to follow

General Instructions

  • Arrive at the scheduled appointment time
  • Do not eat or drink anything except water for a minimum of 10 - 12 hrs
  • It is advised to remove all your jewellery before the health check
  • Do not consume alcohol or nicotine 21 hrs prior to health check
  • Carry all your current medication and medical records for any known medical conditions
  • Wear glasses and not contact lenses on the day of your health check

For Women

  • It is advised to book your appointment about one week after your last day of mensuration
  • If you are mensurating on the day of the appointment please inform nurse on arrival
  • If you are pregnant or suspecting pregrancy, do not get XRay or mamography done and kindly inform EHC reception in advance on your pregrancy status

Other Instructions

  • If you are diabetic/cardiac/BP patient or have suffered any illness or fever in recent past inform EHC reception in advance
  • Do not eat or drink anything except water for a minimum of 10 - 12 hrs
  • All corporate clients are requested to bring original credit letter from your company
  • For identification, kindly bring a valid ID card
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