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Medanta Division of
Radiology & Nuclear Medicine

Dr. Sanjay Saran Baijal
Division of Interventional Radiology

Slideshow Image 1 Image guided interventions enable the specialists to perform minimally invasive procedures for optimal results and often obviates the need for major....
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  • Magnetom Verio
  • Definition Flash
  • Flash Mode
  • 3T MRI
  • CT scans
  • Six Ultrasound machines
  • Digital X-Ray machines
  • Fluoroscopy machine
  • Digital Mammography unit
  • Bone Densitometry unit
  • Computed Radiography Units
  • HIS and RIS
  • Emotion- a 16 slice CT scanner
  • Digital Mammography with state of the art stereotactic breast biopsy system
  • Fully Digitalized and Computerised radiography systems
  • SPECT Gamma Camera (Symbia-S)
  • SPECT Gamma Camera (Symbia-E)
  • PET-CT (Biograph mCT)
  • Thyroid Uptake System
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