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Our life depends on our mind. At Medanta Division of Mental Health and Quality of Life we offer the most modern, sensitive, end-to-end services for the care of the mind. We try to understand you as a person, we help you make sense of your problems and change the circumstances you live in.

    The services provided by the division are contemporary, comprehensive and customized with a focus on recovery.

    Mental Health Care for Individuals & Families

    Psychiatric Assessment and Treatment
    Our experts provide clinical and psycho-diagnostic assessment for psychiatric disorders like anxiety, depression, mood disorders, substance abuse, schizophrenia and childhood psychiatric disorders. The team also specializes in treatment of personality disorders.

    Individual Psychotherapy
    Individual psychotherapy is a psychological treatment process, for people with psychological/ psychiatric or psychosocial difficulties. Our team works within the framework of cognitive behavior therapy and systems theory.

    Cognitive behavior therapy comprises of learning to change distressing thoughts and behaviors that disturb our everyday functioning.

    Systems theory framework helps understand situations from multiple points of view to make sense of reality without blaming anyone or ourselves.

    Pact: Care Planning and Recovery Program for Psychiatric Disorders
    Some people with psychiatric disorders may need ongoing care for a significant period of time. It is useful in such cases to develop a care plan for continued care. A care plan makes treatment comprehensive, cost effective and focused.

    It may include
    • Psychiatric assessment
    • Psychological assessments
    • Social assessments of functioning and barriers faced

    Once a care plan is developed, a Care Manager is assigned who coordinates the care program

    A recovery program includes
    • Psychiatric treatment
    • Habilitation and rehabilitation interventions
    • Training workshops for life skills
    • Home visits
    • Support for reintegration into community
    • Support for the family

    Presently, care planning and care programming are offered to people living with schizophrenia, mood disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, alcohol dependence, dementia and attention deficit disorder

    Couples and Family Therapy
    The Division of Mental Health also provides therapeutic services for couples and families. Couples and family therapy is effective in following scenarios
    • Support for making pre-marital decisions
    • Therapy for those couples facing discord
    • Parental training to support children during discord
    • Reconciliation for couples who are separated
    • Therapy for men who are violent, to be responsible and abstain from violence
    • Therapy and support for survivors of intimate violence
    • Family discord, family settlements, family business reorganization and restructuring.

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