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Dr Sudipto Pakrasi
Welcome to the Division of Ophthalmology at the Medanta. In line with the commitment of the hospital towards the pursuit of excellence in every sphere of patient care, it is our endeavour to bring to you the best care for your eyes. Handling every eye is a fascinating experience in the sheer scope of possibilities & requires the highest level of expertise in medical, surgical, investigational and diagnostics approach. We believe that the success of our division depends on the quality of the clinical care we provide our patients, the ability to train future ophthalmologists, and a continuous and conscious desire to develop new approaches and innovative therapies for vision threatening disorders. The field of ophthalmology is very exciting for us surgeons. Cutting edge technology supplements levels of human skill and lasers along with microsurgical innovations have elevated the science and art of today’s ocular surgery to a whole new level. Most diagnostics are getting towards molecular level analysis, along with surgical specialization at the micron level and laser technology at the femtosecond level. All these combine to give the best outcomes to our patient for the ultimate goal, vision. The Division will cover the entire spectrum of eye care, supported by world class institutional back up to make it a very unique concept. Some of the most respected experts, along with brilliant super-specialists in the various subspecialties fields have come together under one roof to create an incredible showcase of superb calibre at Medanta. We wish all our patients a speedy recovery and a pleasant experience at Medanta!

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