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Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery (VATS)

Dr. Ali Zamir Khan
Director, Medanta Division of Chest Services

"We aim to provide the best and latest treatment of chest diseases at affordable costs. We constantly update our skills to be at the cutting edge of technology & medicine."
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    VATS is a technique of minimally invasive thoracic surgery that involves insertion of a telescope with a camera attached to it through a small incision, or port. The thoracoscope allows the surgeon to examine inside the chest cavity and to remove tissues using specially designed instruments inserted through one or two additional ports. For more extensive operations such as lung resection for cancer, an additional incision measuring about 3 centimeters is made for the removal of the lung tissue. We specialize in doing 90% of our VATS procedures through Uniportal VATS (Single incision of 1.5 cms)

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