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Dr. Ali Zamir Khan
Director, Medanta Division of Chest Services

"We aim to provide the best and latest treatment of chest diseases at affordable costs. We constantly update our skills to be at the cutting edge of technology & medicine."
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    We perform VATS for a variety of indications including following:

    • Lung Nodule
    • Lung Tumour
    • Mediastinal Lymph nodes
    • Pleural disease
    • Mediastinal Masses
    • Lung Tumours: Noncancerous and Cancers (lobectomy: part of lung, pneumonectomy: whole lung)
    • Bullectomy/ Pleurectomy for pneumothorax (weakness in lung secondary to smoking /leading to air leak)
    • Oesophageal Tumours
    • Removal of lung metastases from other cancers
    • Thymectomy for myaesthenia gravis (weakness of nerves and body due to antibody production)
    • Thymectomy for thymic cancers
    • Resection of mediastinal cyst (congenital, infective, etc)
    • Diseases of the diaphragm (weakness/tearing)
    • Pleural effusion (fluid collected in the chest)
    • Empyema (pus collected in chest)
    • Pleurodesis (obliteration of space between lung and chest wall to prevent recurrent fluid collection)
    • Pericardial effusion (collection of fluid between heart and its lining)
    • Surgery for tuberculosis and its complications
    Cosmetic Surgery
    • Correction of chest wall deformities
    • Correction of pectus excavatum (depression of breast bone)
    • Correction of pectus carinatum (Out protruding of breast bone)

    Robotic Lobectomy for cancer of lung

    Robotic Thymectomyfor myaesthenia gravis

    Robotic Removal of Mediastinal Mass
    • Thymoma: a tumour of Thymus
    • Lymphnode biopsy: TB, Sarcoid, Cancer
    • Parathyroid Adenoma
    • Mediastinal cysts: Neurogenic cyst, Bronchogenic cyst, Congenital cyst etc
    • Nerve Sheath Tumour: Schwannoma
    Robotic Oesophagectomy for Oesophageal cancer

    Robotic Resection of First rib / Tumour for thoracic outlet compression

    Robotic Esophogeal myotomy for achalasia

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