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Medanta Division of
Chest Services
An Overview

Dr. Ali Zamir Khan
Director, Medanta Division of Chest Services

"We aim to provide the best and latest treatment of chest diseases at affordable costs. We constantly update our skills to be at the cutting edge of technology & medicine."
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    We offer world class service in the treatment of lung, mediastinal, and oesophageal diseases. Our doctors have received extensive training abroad and have worked as consultants in United Kingdom and Australia.

    Medanta’s Department of Minimally Invasive Thoracic Surgery is a first of its kind in India, offering a range of Robotic Thoracic Surgery and Video Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery (VATS). 98% of our work is done by minimally invasive techniques involving small incisions on the skin with no muscle cutting and no spreading of ribs. This gives patients quicker recovery, less pain, better cosmesis, and earlier return to work.

    Routine use of our full-time pain management service leads to dramatic relief for patients from post-operative discomfort. Our state-of-the art facilities along with dedicated round-the-clock care contribute to some of the best surgical results in the country.

    Our department is equipped for surgical management of lung cancer, smoking related lung diseases, mediastinal tumors, thymectomy, esophageal disease, lasering / stenting of the respiratory tree & cosmetic correction of chest wall deformities. Patients with these complex disorders are evaluated and staged completely and the optimal methods of treatment are offered.

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