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Dr. Vipul Gupta
Head, Endovascular Neurosurgery
(Interventional Neuroradiology)

Slideshow Image 2"Minimally invasive endovascular procedures have revolutionized the treatment of vascular disorders like aneurysm, arterial stenosis, acute stroke, etc."

Dr. Sudhir Dubey
(Head, Endoscopic Neurosurgery)

Slideshow Image 3"Endoscopy has revolutionized neurosurgery, giving maximum benefits, faster recovery and no disfigurement to the patient."

Dr. Sumit Singh
(Senior Consultant, Neurology)

Slideshow Image 4"Some headaches can be life-threatening; don't ignore them. Our holistic headache centre will provide you with a single-stop solution for all headache problems."

Dr. Arun Garg
(Senior Consultant, Neurology)

Slideshow Image 4"Stroke should be treated as brain attack. The first three hours are critical and should be treated with same urgency as heart attack."

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